Friday, March 12, 2010

Just not sleepy

Last night Georgia and the kids got home about 7:00 from Medford. After dinner and bedtime stuff it was quite late. Neither child seemed sleepy though. Avery gave up with only a small amount of resistance, but Eli was not so easily defeated. I made biscuits for dinner for Georgia and I. The short time it took to make the Bisquick biscuits we made about 3 trips to the bedroom to quit Eli down. After we sat down to eat on the couch and watch TV we heard a thump and little foot steps. The door opened and then was politely shut for Avery's benefit. We put him back in the pack and play. This happened a second time but this time we had the TV up and running. Eli came out again and announced he wanted to watch a movie. Well it was so darn cute we gave in. Thus the photo below. We watch half an episode of Brother Bear. On demand TV comes in handy now and again. The cuteness quickly faded and after three more trips to bed and a few tears he fell asleep, althoug he was quite cranky today.

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

One is never enough

So Avery and I got to build his stool this weekend. It was suppod to be last weekend and he had been grumpy about it all week. It is still not finished, but it works like a stool so he is happy, and possessive. I thought after I buying the material for it that Eli was going to want one too. I was right. So it looks like this week I will be making another one to keep the green eyed monster at bay. It is a cool stool though and I am happy how it turned out.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

It looks like your father dressed you.

Yesterday I got up with the boys, got their showers in, got them dressed and headed to the store so we could make Georgia breakfast. We got home and Georgia started laughing. I had made Avery put Eli's shirt on. Not a bad fit for size, but the length left something to be desired. Lucky it was winter and he had his coat on the whole time.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kershner Fire Rescue

Before Georgia and the boys headed back to Medford for the week I got a few minutes to play with Avery before I went to work. He wanted to play with my Little People toys from when I was a kid. We sent the fire crew to save Rowan and Niamh from the little house. I am not sure who is who? We did eventually get them out and replace them with a mom and a little boy. We also got them out. It is fun to watch Avery getting such a good imagination. He had planned this all out the day before. I saw his face fall when he watched me back out of the driveway and I did not know why. I found out when I got home that I forgot to read his mind and get these toys out of the attic.
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Putting things together.

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Eli has been doing very well on the potty the last couple of days. We will see if it continues, but every time he makes a trip there is seems to be productive. We are very proud of him. He is every trying to be like his big brother and has started a little collection of topics to talk about when he wants to contribute to conversations. Fist he tells you about Olivia painting on the wall and then getting a time out (from a book). Then he tells you about the dog that got in the yard a left a present and he needs to GET OUT!. Then he also laughs and says Daddy pressed the wrong button. I accidentally honked the horn in traffic the other day. Both boys though that was funny.

I have also been very proud of Avery over the past few weeks. He has been being a very good big brother. He has been very helpful as of late. He has a new bible trivia game from school. It has a spinner so he really likes it. It is over all of our heads so Georgia and I are just making up questions.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Puddle Jumping

Today was a slow day around the house. Yesterday my dad and I spent 4 hours fixing the sink, so I was not in a project mood. Georgia gave the boys each a hair cut and that was about the excitment of the day. Around 4 we decided to head to the river for a few minutes to get out of the house. We put boots on the boys and headed out for some puddle jumping. Thing were going good for the first 4 minutes untill Eli droped his stick into a puttle that was knee deep on him. He reached over to get it and face planted. There are no photos of this part becuase I thought I should pull him out. Man, I am a good Dad. Needless to say he was soaked. Georgia Stipped him naked, put a clean diaper on, and we headed for home. Moral of the story: bring extra clothes when taking kids puddle jumping.
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